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Cobra11 is Back! But Different this time

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The cobra has changed!
2020 is just a little different - according to this motto "Alarm for Cobra 11" dares a real restart - and not somehow. When, from August 20, 2020, the six new episodes will flicker on the TV screens (one week earlier at TVNOW, by the way), a completely new TV experience awaits the viewers. A different look and a changed team - after 24 years of series history, the Autobahn police are showing themselves in a completely new light and with a more up-to-date plot than ever. While we don't want to spoil the details, we present the new cast here in advance.

Erdoğan Atalay / Semir Gerkhan - Police Commissioner & Highway Legend
Pia Stutzenstein / Vicky Reisinger - Police Commissioner
Patrick Kalupa / Roman Kramer - Head of the Autobahn Police
Nicolas Wolf / Max Tauber - Police Commissioner & Civil Investigator
Gizem Emre / Dana Gerkhan - Police Commissioner
Christopher Patten / Marc Schaffrath - police officer in Dortmund

Monday, 28 October 2019 09:07

More actors leaving Cobra 11

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The last four episodes of the current "Cobra 11" season are all about change. Not only Commissioner Paul Renner (Daniel Roesner) leaves the area of the highway police after four years. Katrin Heß (role of Jenny Dorn) leaves after eight years, Katja Woywood (Kim Krüger) after ten years, Daniela Wutte (Susanne König) leaves the series after 13 years and Lion Wasczyk (Finn Bartels), who has been there for three years be in action for the last time this year.

Series veteran Erdoğan Atalay (role: Semir Gerkhan) remains true to the highway police. In 2020 he gets in the new season but with Pia Stutzenstein for the first time a wife as a new partner.

Friday, 18 October 2019 09:20

Daniela Wutte leaves the team after 13 years

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The view is forward, not back. Maybe in the subconscious mind. 13 years in the "Cobra-11" team does not shake off so easily. Since friendships with the colleagues, one was a team, fast-family, in front of and behind the camera. But for Daniela Wutte is this Thursday (20:15, RTL) in the episode "On probation" conclusion. She has to make a momentous decision as Secretary Susanne König, and that means the end in the action series whose 35th season is currently running.
In the winter in the Theater am Dom in Cologne "In April was my last day of shooting, with a strong final scene, if I destroy the evidence. Then headlights went out, and colleagues clapped.

Erdogan Atalay gets in the action series "Alarm for Cobra 11" for the first time a woman to his side: In the future, the actress Pia Stutzenstein throws herself into the flames of RTL pyrotechnics. The 30-year-old replaced since the 36th season Daniel Roesner (35), whose figure Commissioner Paul Renner retired after four years of service from the series. "Cobra 11 I know since childhood," said Stutzenstein an RTL release. So I'm all the more pleased to be part of it - and being the first woman to play Edogan's side surpasses everything. Finally, I can show that women in Germany can be action too!

Thursday, 08 August 2019 07:41

New season with the biggest changes so far!

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Season 35 of the popular RTL action series "Alarm for Cobra 11" gets turbulent. Paul Renner leaves, there is a murder, a hostage-taking and Semir Gerkhan's family comes into focus.

On September 12, the 35th season of "Alarm for Cobra 11." will start. Of course there again: Semir Gerkhan (Erdoğan Atalay, 52), who has to let his commissioner partner Paul Renner ( Daniel Roesner , 35) pass. And even otherwise, the new ten episodes of the highway series are marked by major changes.

Paul Renner leaves the series Renner fans must be strong: their serial hero leaves the highway police after four years of service. On Instagram, the actor announces a few days ago that he has his last day on set and thanks his make-up artist for the daily support in recent years. His serial character is particularly turbulent: he meets his father and is suspected of murder.

"Alarm for Cobra 11": departure into a new era

Kriminalhauptkommissar Gerkhan, who has been in production since 1996, celebrates his birthday and can look forward to an old companion as a party guest. For the first time, viewers will also get to know their mother. Also for Dana Wegener ( Gizem Emre , 24) are great changes: The serial chick finally moves into his own apartment. The season finale ends with a big bang that will change a lot. Only so much anticipation: There will be a hostage-taking.

Sources used: Press material RTL

Saturday, 23 March 2019 09:54

Daniel Roesner leaves Cobra11

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Daniel Roesner leaves Cobra11. The actor, who appeared for three years in the role of commissioner Paul Renner, quit.

In April 2016, Daniel Roesner appeared for the first time in the RTL action series. Now he leaves "Alarm fur Cobra 11" at his own request.

"I have always known that I will not spend my entire life here in Cologne, I have listened to my heart and made a decision now that it is enough after four years," said Roesner.

The goodbye to Paul Renner will take a while. The 34th season of "Alarm for Cobra 11" starts on Thursday 23-3-19 and the highway commissioner will still be here. Also in the following season, which is expected to broadcast in the fall, Daniel Roesner is still with Erdogan Atalay, who has been playing since the third episode in 1996, Commissioner Semir Gerkhan.

Daniel Roesner would like to commit himself to other projects after his cobra11 adventure. Various construction projects and a trip around the world are on the agenda.

As of Thursday, March 21 at 8:15 pm, the 34th season of "Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei" will be celebrating its free-TV premiere on RTL. Seven new episodes will be on the program. As early as March 15, six episodes of the streaming service TV NOW will be available for download.

New in this season is Semir's (Erdoğan Atalay) daughter Dana (Girzem Emre) as a reinforcement of the highway patrol. Even her first assignment puts her to a trial by fire. Because she wants to prove herself to her father, but underestimates a danger.

In another episode called The List, his wife Andrea (Carina Wiese) is endangered. Because she comes into the possession of a mysterious list of names and is attacked on the highway. It must be rescued from a burning wreck, which leads to a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Colleague Paul Renner (Daniel Roesner) and his family are also the target. His father Klaus (Michael Brandner) is targeted by an unscrupulous pharmaceutical manufacturer. He wants to bring an Alzheimer's drug on the market, but the side effects are devastating.

Semir's brother Kemal (Leonardo Nigro) is also responsible for the family drama in the wake. Because he dares to go it alone with serious consequences. Another episode plays in the world of live action role-playing.

Monday, 13 August 2018 10:17

Cobra 11 celebrates its anniversary

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Cobra 11 celebrates its anniversary!

On September 13th at 8:15 pm the time has finally come: Cobra 11 is back with the 33rd season - and is waiting with a highlight episode from Budapest! In addition, Katrin Hess gives her comeback.

Erdogan Atalay and Daniel Roesner come back with on September 13th as Semir Gerkhan and Paul Renner: the series that starts with the 33rd season is already 22 years old. Fittingly, the new season will have eleven episodes.

But there is more to celebrate! Katrin Hess celebrates her comeback as Jenny Dorn and completes the team. And the opening episode, which was shot in Hungary, is a highlight. In the process, Semir Gerkhan and Paul Renner travel to Budapest to help their former colleague Jenny Dorn.

Fans of spectacular stunts, fast-paced car chases and tough shootings will get their money's worth back from March 29th. RTL shows at the usual time every Thursday at 8.15 pm a total of six new episodes of its evergreen "Alarm for Cobra 11" . In the prelude "Hooray for Bollywood" Semir Gerkhan (Erdoğan Atalay) and Paul Renner (Daniel Roesner) get into the shooting of a Bollywood film.

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Also in the other episodes of the spring season, it is action packed. Semir's family is dealing with the Japanese yakuza and Semir himself falls into the clutches of the deadly, Calabrian 'Ndrangheta. In the humorous conclusion "class trip" there is then a reunion with the Saxon chaotic Ronny and Timo, but also trouble with the Vietnamese cigarette mafia. This episode marks the conclusion of the "East Trilogy".

RTL has announced the new episodes of "Alarm for Cobra 11" starting from the 14th of September, 13 new episodes will be shown - of course on the regular broadcasting station on Thursdays at 8:15 pm.

After more than 20 years, Erdogan Atalay and his current partner Daniel Roesner still have a lot of spectators in front of the TV.During the long term, more than 5,000 vehicles were crushed and more than 1000 gangsters arrested. Approximately 400 tires are worn for tests and turns per season and about 30 tonnes of steel are used for special constructions. The action series is also a success internationally and broadcasted for example in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea

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