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BREAKING: 'Alarm for Cobra 11' is back with 7 new episodes

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'Alarm for Cobra 11' is back with 7 new episodes!

RTL announced that the launch of a total of seven fresh episodes will start on April 6th 2017.

The RTL action series broke through the 300-series mark in autumn 2016. After more than 20 years, Erdogan Atalay and his new partner Daniel Roesner still have a lot of spectators in front of the TV. During the long term, more than 5,000 vehicles were scraped and over 1000 gangster arrested. Approximately 400 tires are worn for tests and turns per season and about 30 tonnes of steel are used for special constructions. The action series is also a success internationally and broadcasted for example in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea.

The series is produced by Action Concept. The filming takes place in and around Cologne. In March 1996 RTL showed the first series of highway investigators.

Over 20 years of television history - and it goes on: On Thursday, 01 September starts "Alarm for Cobra 11" with twelve brand new episodes in the 29th season. And action is of course guaranteed: Is it the brutal crash of an airplane on the highway or a spectacular kite stunt - boring it is in Germany's most popular action series  not guaranteed! Commissioner Paul Renner (Daniel Roesner) has arrived in the team right now. With his partner Semir Gerkhan (Erdogan Atalay) he has grown together at an unbeatable duo, the two partners trust each other blindly. With the new team it is anything but simple: The young patrolman Finn Bartels, played by young actor Lion Wasczyk shows that "teamwork" is a foreign word for him. And Semirs daughter Dana, played by Gizem Emre belongs henceforth as an intern to the police family.

Reunion with old friends

In the autumn season, there is inter alia a reunion with the former police chief Anna Engelhardt (Charlotte Schwab), which must be saved from psychiatry. And Semir Gerkhans first partner Frank Stolte (Johannes Brandrup) emerges completely run down to the police station and accused himself of a serious crime.
But Jenny Dorn (Katrin Hess) has his hands full: So they must introduce the new officers Finn, is on the run with an alleged criminal and determined undercover in a cult. More often it has to work with Paul, together with which it comes together again, he is the exact opposite of her, which provides in investigations for much fun explosive between the two.
Otherwise shows Paul Renner most used and highest motivation to Semir Gerkhans page and shuns no danger. But then comes the attractive Lissy therebetween, and Paul suddenly no longer burns only for work!

 Also in Semirs head buzzes next to his job all sorts around in my head: He has just moved into a farm with his family and infected knee-deep in renovations chaos. And then his daughter Dana also want an internship at the highway police do - a nightmare for Semir, who considers it too dangerous. Paul on the other hand is committed to Danas project - much to the displeasure of his partner. But when it comes to their job, law and justice, life and death, then turns out that Semir Gerkhan and Paul Renner are rehearsed partners who complement not only in their work - they are also friends who are all of the other would do.

Yet there are more than 3 weeks until the start of the anniversary season, but RTL already eleased the first trailer for the new season! Trailer: 20 years of action in series - The new episodes from 07/04/2016

Neuer Partner - Neue Folgen

Geplaatst door Alarm für Cobra 11 - op woensdag 16 maart 2016
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New episodes Cobra11 starts at April 7th 2016

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On 07 April, it goes off again! And really: a new hero! The 300th episode! and 20 years Alarm for Cobra 11!

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Vinzenz Kiefer alongside Matt Damon in "Bourne 5"

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Once again Hollywoods stars in Berlin. A few days ago Brad Pitt was in Germany filming his new movie "War Machine", now Matt Damon makes the German capital unsafe as Jason Bourne. After parts of "The Bourne Supremacy" theire are back filming in Berlin, the city plays now also in "Bourne 5" an important role. It will also give German actors in the cast again. One of them is Vinzenz Kiefer, who has now been spotted on set with Matt Damon. Kiefer was for two years in the main cast of the RTL action series "Alarm für Cobra 11".

Guest appearance: Charlotte Schwab is back for the anniversary episode of "Alarm für Cobra 11"! This was confirmed yesterday by the agency Studlar. From 1997 to 2008 Charlotte played the Staff Director of the Highway Patrol Anna Engelhardt and is now for the anniversary episode 300 feature-length with the  title "Cobra, take over" (directed by Franco Tozza) return to the series in the role of Anna Engelhardt. The anniversary episode is also the entry sequence for the new Commissioner Paul Renner and will be broadcast in the coming year at RTL. After René Steinke alias Tom Kranich and Mark Keller aka André Fux, Charlotte Schwab is the third actress in the series history of "Alarm für Cobra 11", which returns to the series after their exit again.

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5000 Likes on our Facebook page

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We now have more than 5,000 likes on Facebook! Thank u all ! Please visite our Facebook page!

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Daniel Roesner is the new partner of Erdogan Atalay

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Detective Paul Renner

From the end of August  Germany's most successful action series starts recording new episodes to be broadcast in the coming year. And there is a change on the side of Semir Gerkhan (Erdogan Atalay): Daniel Roesner (31) joins the team of "Alarm für Cobra 11". He assumes the role of Detective Paul Renner and is the new partner of Semir Gerkhan.

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Vinzenz Kiefer leaves Cobra11 after 2 years

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Vinzenz Kiefer (37), who played the role of the Commissioner Alex Brandt for two years, leaving the RTL series "Alarm für Cobra 11". The final season with him in the action will be broadcast from the 10/09/2015 at RTL. Cobra veteran Erdogan Atalay aka Semir Gerkhan is since the 3rd episode on the show, and had since 1996 in 280 episodes seven partners at his side, three of which died in the series.

Vincent about his departure:

"I have always felt very comfortable at the Cobra11 set and the  work with all my colleagues there, especially my partner Erdogan, as well as the entire team at Action Concept. I am also proud of what we created for  two years with respect to the development of the format. I look back with a good feeling and forward to all the many opportunities that life has in store for me.

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New Season Cobra11 will start at 10 September 2015

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In early September it goes on at RTL with new episodes of "Alarm für Cobra 11". For the season-opener, there is a two-hour episode called "Vendetta"

Although "Alarm für Cobra 11" recently was not spared from falling attendancesthe action series gets RTL many vieuwers.

On September 10, the lead actors Erdogan Atalay and Vinzenz Kiefer are back with new missions: A total of nine fresh episodes shows the Cologne station on the proven time slot on Thursday night at 20:15. To kick off the new season, there are to see a two-hour pilot episode.