Frequently asked questions about Cobra11

 01. Can I visit the "Alarm für Cobra 11" film set?

A visit to the film set, it is not possible for organizational reasons. Any fan would like this, you must understand that this is not beneficial to the production of the series.

02. How do I get autographs from the actors?

You can get free autographs from the stars Cobra11 in the production company Action-Concept. You should be aware that a stamped envelope (C5 size) enclose with your address on it to receive a response plus the names of the actors you want to receive the signature card.

You can send it to: c / o Action Concept / An der Hasenkaule 1-7 / 50354 Hurth

03. Can I participate in "Alarm für Cobra 11"?

Yes, you can participate in Alarm für Cobra 11 as an figurant, this is among other things on the website possible.

04. What does "Cobra 11" meam?

"Cobra 11" is the code name of the series.

05. Where is "Cobra11" recorded?

The series "Alarm für Cobra 11" is filmed in Koln, Hurth and Bonn. Since 2005 the production company filming the action movie on a special film motorway: "FTL Germany" in Aldenhoven.

A tour of this highway is not possible.

06. How many new episodes of "Cobra11" will follow?

These questions we can not answer at this time. The series is currently very successful and stopping the series is currently not in sight.

Erdogan Atalay, Tom Beck and all other actors are still under contract. The contents of these contracts are not known, so we can not say how long the actor still under contract.

07. Are there Fanarticles of "Alarm für Cobra 11"?

There are a number of DVDs and games of the series for sale in our webstore.

08. Can i download the Cobra11 episodes?

No! You can not download episodes of the series. The series is copyrighted and can not be downloaded.

Please note that the forums where you can download them for free are 99% illegal. In the video portal "RTLnow" you can watch episodes of the series. The last aired episode is 7 days for free, then it costs € 0.99 per episode. A subscription is currently possible. This subscription is € 9.99.

09. Can we forward fan mail through your site?

Due to the high number of fanmails this is administratively not impossible.

Please send fanmail to the production company "Action Concept". Please note that you attach a stamped envelope with your address to get a response.