The Start

Johannes Brandrup & Erdogan Atalay In 1995 the shootings for the first season of Cobra 11 started. The first season consists of a pilot and eight episodes. This season was produced by the production-company Polyphon. The action-scenes were made by Action Concept. On the 12th of March 1996 the pilot was broadcasted by the German tv-station RTL Television. The other episodes of the first season were broadcasted after the pilot. The number of viewers of this first season were sensational high: the pilot had approx. 10 million viewers and the episodes had an average of 7,2 million viewers.

Because of this great succes RTL ordered 22 new episodes from Polyphon. In the autumn of 1996 the shootings for this second season started. A year later in the autumn of 1997 these shootings were finished. These 22 episodes are broadcasted spread over three sub-seasons. The first six episodes were broadcasted in the spring of 1997 by RTL Television. In the autumn of that year again six episodes were broadcasted on German television. The last 10 episodes were broadcasted in the spring of 1998 by the German RTL.

As said "Alarm für Cobra 11" is broadcasted in Germany by RTL Television. But also outside Germany you can see "Alarm für Cobra 11". For example, in Austria ORF started in july 1996 broadcasting Cobra 11, in february 1998 RTL 7 started broadcasting Cobra 11 in Poland. But also in Switzerland, Holland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, France, Czech, Slovakia and Mexico "Cobra 11" is broadcasted.

The Succes

15 Years Cobra11 The number of viewers were still good and RTL Television ordered 16 new episodes. This third season was in contradistinction to the first two seasons not produced by Polyphon, but by Action Concept. Action Concept was in the first four seasons already responsible for the action-scenes of Cobra 11. Because Action Concept now took care of the production of all scenes, the locations of the shootings of Cobra 11 changed also. Season one and two were filmed near Berlin and Brandenburg. From the third season the episodes are recorderd in Nord-Rhein Westfalen. This area lies in the west of Germany near Cologne and Düsseldorf. There the shootings for the 16 new episodes started in febraury 1998 and these shootings were finished in february 1999. In the first few weeks of 1999 two episodes were filmed at the vacation-island Mallorca to avoid the cold weatherconditions in Germany. The death of André was also filmed at Mallorca. The 16 episodes were broadcasted in two sub-seasons. Eight episodes were broadcasted in the autumn of 1998 and the other eight episodes in the spring of 1999. In the last episode of the sixth season André dies tragically.

Due to the continual high number of viewers RTL Television ordered new episodes. The shootings for the fourth season took place from the spring of 1999 until the winter of 2000. Also this time Action Concept was responsible for the production. There were 15 new episodes made which are preceded by a tv-movie. In the movie René Steinke makes his first appearance as Tom Kranich. The movie was broadcasted in Germany on the 16th of december 1999. Next ten episodes were broadcasted in the first three months of 2000. The other five episodes were broadcasted in november and december of 2000 by RTL Television.

In the spring of 2000 the shootings for 15 new episodes have begun. Also these episodes will be preceded by a tv-movie (together the fifth season). This movie and five episodes were broadcasted in the spring of 2001 by the German television. The other 10 episodes will be broadcasted in the autumn of 2001 on German television.

Source: Henk Gert's Cobra11 Homepage.